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SCAM Alert - OnMaxDT Scam in Sri Lanka
Sun Mar 05, 2023 12:41 pmAdmin
The newest scam in town is ONMax DT. Do not invest in this pyramid scheme. The owners are anonymous. Their Telegram group has 100,000 of victims. Do not become a victim. Found this educational video below.
Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency: Myths and realities The Beginning
Sat Feb 25, 2023 4:29 pmAdmin
Top 5 Best GameFi Projects to Play and Earn Bitcoi11

Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrencies are the new phenomena of the 21st century. There is so much hype surrounding these subjects that it is almost impossible to ignore them and how they may affect our day to day lives. However, not all of us may be in the know when it comes to the maze of jargon surrounding Bitcoin. Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology, cryptocurrencies, Initial Coin Offerings; what does any of it mean? Are you …
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Top 5 Best GameFi Projects to Play and Earn Empty Top 5 Best GameFi Projects to Play and Earn

Tue Apr 04, 2023 8:49 am
StepN is a Move-to-Earn platform that gives people money to exercise. You’ll need a pair of Sneakers (an NFT) to start earning, with the floor price currently sitting at 13.95 SOL ($689, at the time of writing). So it’s quite a high financial barrier to entry, especially considering that to earn serious money, a user needs to own a few pairs of Sneakers to unlock higher earning potential. StepN will introduce a leasing function to the platform soon, where players can rent Sneakers from other users and share the profits with them.
Fairy Cat
One of the hottest properties in blockchain gaming at the moment, Fairy Cat is a Play-to-Earn platform that gives people money to help feral cats. Fairy Cat is a combination of a game and a decentralized exchange. It doesn’t have traditional gameplay elements such as battles and freeplay. The GameFi element is based on players collecting treasure from the Fairy Cat. By trading in-game treasure, users earn a profit paid in USDT. This game is basically "Fairy Cat" with different level magic cats, built on the purpose of helping the feral cat community, hence the name, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be a fun way to earn some money.
Axie Infinity
Axie Infinity’s fortunes have been mixed in 2022. The platform’s exclusive blockchain Ronin was hacked back in March and the price of the in-game token AXS has dropped since its November 2021 high. The in-game NFTs and items have also fallen in price since the beginning of the year and the game developers have been working hard to ensure its economy remains sustainable for the long term. But it’s not all bad news. The cheapest Axie NFTs are now available for $6 which means that, for less than $20, anyone can start playing the game tomorrow. Sky Mavis, the developers behind Axie Infinity, has also launched a new Origin series which promises to bring more rewards for success.
Benji Bananas
Benji Bananas began life as a free-to-play mobile game without blockchain functionality. But web3 venture capital firm Animoca Brands, who owns Benji Bananas, has injected the game with play-to-earn functionality. The game is simple: players swing from vine to vine, past obstacles, and try to remain off the ground as long as possible. The longer you swing, the more you win. Rewards are paid out in PRIMATE which users can swap for ApeCoin (APE), Yuga Lab’s new digital token which people can spend in the Otherside virtual world. The game has recently introduced the Benji Bananas Membership Pass that will enable holders to earn special rewards when playing the game.
Illuvium is a free-to-play fantasy role-playing game developed on the Ethereum blockchain that launched its open beta in Q1 2022. Players explore a 3D world and capture Illuvials, the mythical creatures that populate the virtual world. Although the game is free to play, it gets much better if you spend a bit of money and get yourself some decent Illuvial avatars. The in-game token is ILV which, like all cryptocurrencies and tokens, has been hit by the bear market and has dropped in value in recent weeks. Players can earn rewards by winning battles against opponents or betting on the outcome of other users’ duels. Hunting, capturing and selling Illuvials is another viable method for making money in this game.
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